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Calm water takes up the lower half of the page and clear blue sky takes up the other upper half of the sky with a single sail boat floating calmly on the horizon in the center of the  water
2012 Yearly Overview

I choose this photo for the year, as this is the way you may feel through the year; that you are floating alone, not realizing the undercurrents below or around you until they hit. Looking at the coming year, there are some major changes in store for the global consciousness.   

Transit Neptune is entering the sign that it rules over, Pisces, February 03, 2012 EST. This gives Neptune extra strength to go about its’ business now. So the question is how will this be felt by the masses?

This will be a time when more people connect to deeper spiritual truths. Dreams and the imagination could take on more in our everyday reality than it has in the past. Look for the film industry to produce more fantastic and realistic dreamscapes for us to loose ourselves in. This will be a time when our only stumbling block will be the limits of the imagination itself. Look for more undersea exploration to be brought to the surface for us to view.

Neptune rules our subconscious mind, dreams, illusions and our highest inspirations and spirituality. When Neptune is working well, we can achieve our highest goals, letting the demons of the past go and move forward towards our dreams. One example is someone who has a great idea and decides to act on it. It may be a simple thing, but it just takes off because it’s in line with the mass psyche.

When Neptune is not working the best we allow ourselves to deny what is right in front of our faces. Others will see what is going on but we’ll be oblivious to the subtle nuances of the mass conscious. How many times have you heard people say “I never saw that coming, I thought everything was ok”……that my friends, is Neptune in action, allowing you to deny a problem even though it may have been building over a long period of time.

Transit Saturn (Governments and rules) will be going retrograde (backwards) February 07, 2012 EST until June 25, 2012 EST. This will be a time that those in authority will review what they have in place and decide if more or less is required once Saturn goes direct.     

Transit Jupiter will be forming a trine (great angle) with Pluto March 12, 2012 EST. Think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion, if there is too much of something, Jupiter is bound to be involved. Pluto on the other hand is the planet of endings and major transformation. With this positive angle between the two planets there should be some benefits that come from this. Pluto rules money and income from other sources that you borrow, invest, inherit or from your partner as well as oil, organized crime and rebirth of ideas that transform an industry in some manner. This angle brings an opportunity to work with many ideas to produce a major working draft in the global economy.

Now I say this because opportunity has been handed to those in need. The big question is will they take that opportunity, or be blinded by Neptune saying that events have settled down and they no longer need to work with this structure. I have to say that would be a mistake because of the transits to Pluto that are coming in June…..I’ll talk about those later.

Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde (backwards) April 10, 2012 EST. Expect some setbacks in Government’s that need to make major reform. This will be a time of review and perhaps back peddling on their parts. Global markets may take a bit of a hit around this date.

Transit Neptune also goes retrograde (backwards) June 4, 2012 EST. This is about having to revise your dreams and expectations. There is information out there that is being hidden or kept from the masses. Don’t be surprised if they don’t like it when their ideals don’t manifest and they see them slipping away.

Transit Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini June 11, 2012 EST. Wow think of expanding your arguments. It seems that everyone has a soapbox they want to stand on and they just won’t be quiet about it. Expect expanded dialogue as well as increased documentation of all events. More documentation to travel, more people moving from one area to another, more, more, more……that’s the energy of Jupiter….and in Gemini rules the air, communication and travel of all types.

Now to get back to what we said earlier about Pluto in June…..Uranus in Aries squares (conflict) Pluto in Capricorn June 24, 2012, September 19, 2012 EST and another connection in 2013 EST. To start the energy of Uranus in Aries is about wanting to seek freedom at any cost. This can cause complete severance with anything that you were familiar with in the past. This is about being blunt and outspoken, where folks will not be as considerate of others. Uranus in this sign will like to make independent fresh starts, especially if they shake up anything that is old and familiar (but boring).

This is about shaking up patterns that have been laid down over years and is about sweeping out the old and bringing in the new. Aries rules younger males, men in uniform, fire, anger, blood, war, the act of cutting and surgery. Pluto on the other hand brings endings and transforms what was to what will be. Pluto does this whether you want it or not, no holds barred……..change will occur. Pluto in Capricorn rules Government spending, how a country and corporation is financed, rules and regulations that govern these areas.

The square combines these two energies through a conflict of sorts. No one wants to budge and they’re ready to fight for it. Change will come, but not quietly or easily. The changes that occur now may be a result of social and economic forces that are beyond your control. You may feel that you are being swept along by events you can do nothing about, but the events will have a vital role in your own individual development that you’ll be able to trace back to these dates.

An outer planet is being triggered now, with the global unrest, as it isn't just one area or country rather it’s systemic. On looking further I noticed that those born from 1988-1995 had Uranus (sudden events) in Capricorn (Governments and rules). As we speak this Natal planet (for that generation) is experiencing a square (conflict angle) with transit Uranus in Aries (military, fighting, fires etc.), at the same time it’s joining with transit Pluto in Capricorn (Governments).

The energy of Pluto builds up and simmers over time and then ends things once and for all if they don't work, or have never worked. Whether you want it or not Pluto forces the change. June 2012 will be a very difficult month, a major turning point.

I then went back to the past to see when this occurred last and came up with the dates April 1678 - January 1680……wow that was a long time ago! So what happened during those years that made major changes in our society?

Timeline:    1- (1678) A whole French fleet runs aground and a major raid in   Venezuela occurs. French-Dutch war ends. Popish Plot is started which is a conspiracy to assassinate King Charles II of England….but in REALITY this plot is not real, just people from one religious side trying to stir up trouble. Rebellion breaks out in Southern China.
                   2 – (1679) England the Cavalier Parliament is dissolved and Habeas Corpus Parliament assembles. Habeas Corpus Act is passed. Scottish battles of Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge occur. La Salle sails the upper Great Lakes….a time of discovery in North America. Fire in Boston burns all the ship warehouses and dockyards.
                  3 – (1680) The volcano Krakatoa erupts on a small scale. Pueblo Revolt New Mexico. The Great Comet is first sighted. Pope-burning processions in London. Alsace is totally annexed by the French courts.

See if there are some similar events that occur this time round. You won’t see the exact events, more similar energy.

-We may discover a new comet or other item out in the heavens.
-Possible set up of a conspiracy, that isn’t true, to assassinate a head of state…
-We could explore Mars or other planets sooner rather than later, or we in turn could be discovered by others out there.
-There may be a major conspiracy to shake things up between religious factions to blame them for events that aren’t true…..
-There may be a major fire in a large port city like Boston…..
-Take care if a volcano erupts that was quiet previously, we may have to monitor it or even evacuate the surrounding cities before it blows in the future like Krakatoa did in the past.
-Governments will be forced to set up new ideals and constitutions for their people.  

Just some ideas of how this may play out this year.  

Transit Jupiter in Gemini squares (conflict angle) Neptune in Pisces June 25, 2012 EST. People want information and aren’t getting it or they aren’t getting the truth at this time. Once Neptune goes direct again the reality should finally be revealed. This could cause some embarrassing times for those who aren’t or weren’t truthful.

Uranus goes retrograde (backwards) July 13, 2012 EST. This will be a time for review and if the facts don’t stack up correctly the younger people will go back to their previous attacks. This may be a time of more opposition and a time when their movements will be reviewed.

Jupiter is sextile (soft angle) Uranus July 21, 2012 EST. Lots of communication occurs now to placate the situations. With this soft angle the communications should work to settle down the events.

Pluto goes direct (moves forward) September 17 2012 EST. Now will be a great time for Governments to move forward with any plans that they had previously on reform. 

Transit Jupiter goes retrograde (backwards) October 04, 2012 EST. What happens when expansion goes backward? The energy here is about having to review old issues that you may have thought were finished. People with bring up previous grievances and ideas for review. This in itself will cause another overload. Try to become progressive by ending the matters once and for all.

Transit Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio October 05, 2012 EST. The main difficulty when Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio is that what you knew about Governments previously is now being secretive or hidden. This means that others won’t trust those in authority as much and will doubt that they are telling the truth even when they are. This will be a time of much doubt which in return will lead to more unrest. Oil, gas and mining will become more regulated and structured. Banks and stocks will become more regulated and restricted in some manner. Make sure your investment income is secured. This energy will be felt until 2014-2015.

Transit Saturn is trine (great angle) Neptune October 10, 2012 EST. This is a great angle that should bring some stability to the global conscious. People should now be able to finally see som positive results

Transit Neptune goes direct November 10, 2012 EST. This will be a time to move forward with all those great ideas and see your dreams realized. It will look like all that hard work was worth it. A new spirituality could start around this date.

Transit Uranus goes direct December 13, 2012 EST. Around this date will be a major shakeup. Issues that deal with Uranus will move forward again, but may have a jump start so to speak. Watch the electrical grid now as it may experience a surge so to speak.

Transit Saturn in Scorpio forms a sextile (soft angle) to Pluto in Capricorn December 26, 2012 EST. This will be a time when we will be able to withstand great tests of strength and a time of great achievements for us all. We will be able to stand together and individually to work harder than we ever have in the past bringing forth major breakthroughs and a move forward.
These are the main themes for 2012. I hope you all have a wonderful year. Enjoy! Bev.


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