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2011 Yearly Overview

Looking at the coming year, there will be similar events as the previous year saw with some of the same transits occurring again in 2011.  

Transit Jupiter joins with Uranus January 04, 2011 EST. The energy here is all about sudden opportunities that could open up for you now. You may find that you strive for more freedom if you have not had it in the past. This is like the mid life crisis where folks will run from their previous responsibilities thinking that this then will allow them freedom. You may find that you receive a sudden break or promotion, or your eyes will be open to many more opportunities that could come your way.

Think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion, if there is too much of something, Jupiter is bound to be involved. Uranus on the other hand is the planet of unexpected events from out of the blue so to speak. A conjunction is a major joining of these two energies to bring something into existence that wasn’t there previously. 

This is the last major opportunity that will come up for those born in the sign of Pisces, so keep your eyes open and grab on when that opportunity presents itself. Other dates in the past that Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in other signs was May 1941, October 1954, December 1968, February 1983, February-March 1997 and June, 2010. Look back to those dates to see how you were affected, then look to the house of your chart to see where Pisces is located. You may expect that similar circumstances from the past could present themselves in this area of your life around this date.

Jupiter enters the sign of Aries January 22, 2011 EST. This will expand folks ideas that their beliefs and ideals are the correct ones. There should be plenty of opportunities to seize, so be ready when they come up now. If you don’t see any opportunities on the horizon, you may very well make your own. Go for it!

Transit Jupiter is squaring Pluto February 24, 2011EST. The energy here is about rebellion against rules that already exist. This is about challenging those in authority and big business. This is not a time to overextend yourself or buy on credit. This will not be a good date for stocks and bonds. As well those who handle large sums of money (banks etc.) may find themselves on the end of a revolt of some type. Some folks may find that they obsess that their point of view is right at all costs……this is very similar to the events that were experienced in 1934 when Jupiter squared Pluto. Be aware of some of the similar energy out there and this time perhaps we can stop the train before it gets going.

Transit Uranus enters the sign of Aries March 11, 2011 EST. This is one of the major transits to be aware of this year. Uranus was in the sign of Aries in 1931 and entered into similar aspects with surrounding planets, between 1931-1934. As I was researching this yearly overview, I noticed similar events unfolding during that time period and the current time frame. At that time we were in the middle of a recession as we are now. I came across this quote in regards to Hoover in the US:

 “Dec 10, 1931 - He put the deficit for the current year at $2122683685, the greatest in peace-time history, and said that there would be another deficit of $1;416949448 in 1933 unless action was taken by Congress  which would produce additional revenues. The actual deficit for 1931 was $902716845, ..”.

Similar events have occurred now around the globe. To start the energy of Uranus in Aries is about wanting to seek freedom at any cost. This can cause complete severance with anything that you were familiar with in the past. This is about being blunt and outspoken, where folks will not be as considerate of others. Uranus in this sign will like to make independent fresh starts, especially if they shake up anything that is old and familiar (but boring). This is about shaking up patterns that have been laid down over years and is about sweeping out the old and bringing in the new. Aries rules younger males, men in uniform, fire, anger, blood, war, the act of cutting and surgery.
Transit Jupiter in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra March 28, 2011EST. Again this is a conflict angle that pits too much against too little. In this case Saturn in Libra represents Governments, leaders, structure and those in authority. They may not be able to control the excesses that come to light around this time. They may also vie for recognition of being in partnership with others (Libra), while in reality there is too much anger and action among the military (Aries). This may come to light in many Governments that have an emphasis of Libra and Aries in their Countries charts.

Transit Neptune enters the sign of Pisces April 04, 2011 EST. Neptune is strong in this sign allowing it a stronger presence than usual. This will be a time when more people connect to deeper spiritual truths. Dreams and the imagination could take on more in our every day reality than it has in the past. Look for the film industry to produce more fantastic and realistic dreamscapes for us to loose ourselves in. This will be a time when our only stumbling block will be the limits of the imagination itself. Look for more undersea exploration to be brought to the surface for us to view. Neptune goes back into the sign of Aquarius August 04, 2011 EST while it is in retrograde motion. Hopefully all those fantastic ideas were put on paper before this occurs so that you can resubmit them once Neptune once again moves back into the sign of Pisces.

Transit Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus June 04, 2011 EST. People will want more of everything now. Taurus rules money and values, so people will see others either as having too much or paying too much. This is a great time to gain if you can be practical in your outlook. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, this will also be a time when people will become quite fixed in their spiritual views. They will be less likely to compromise in their outlook, and rather, will try to expand their base through exaggeration of their means to accomplish their tasks.  

Transit Jupiter forms a sextile (soft angle) with Neptune June 08, 2011 EST. This will be a time when people will become quite idealistic in trying to fulfill their goals. People in general could become more positive in their outlook and will be more willing to help others in need. There will be a strong spiritual concern and folks will become more involved with the mystical side of their beliefs. A time where people look for miracles to occur in their everyday life to try to explain what they are seeing and feeling now.

Transit Jupiter forms a trine (great angle) with Pluto July 07, 2011 and October 28, 2011 EST. This will be a great time to exert power and make changes. The energy seems to flow forward allowing us to take control in some manner. This will be a time for reformation and people will strive to improve conditions all around them. This will be a time to lead others and bring some professional success your way. It is also a time to straighten out issues that may have caused you trouble in the past. 

Main transits 2011: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
                                  Jupiter square Pluto
                                  Jupiter oppose Saturn
                                  Jupiter enters Aries
                                  Uranus enters Aries
                                  Jupiter trine Pluto

Main transits 1934:  Uranus square Pluto
                                  Jupiter square Pluto
                                  Jupiter trine Saturn
                                  Jupiter oppose Uranus
You can see there are many of the same players, just different configurations. I feel strongly that knowledge ahead of time and looking at the past can help us to not become complacent and do something this time before it starts. Being aware and using the internet can help us “see” clearly around the globe for similar events which may occur.
These are the main themes for 2011. I hope you all have a wonderful year. Enjoy! Bev.


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