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2007 Yearly Overview

Looking at the coming year, 2007 should be a rather interesting year overall. Transit Saturn is still in the sign of Leo during half of the year. This will not change until September 2007. We are now getting used to Saturn in Leo as it has been in that sign for the last two years. There will be many of the same issues from previous years that surface again during the first half of this year. These will be about forming restrictions, rules and structure in a desire for personal glory, recognition and adulation. Saturn in Leo reinforces the drive to scale the heights of success. Saturn in this sign leans towards the love of personal power, where ambitions are magnified and the concentration is on the goal ahead with deliberate focus. Since Saturn rules those in authority and Governments as well as heads of state, you could see these folks making it their sole responsibility to dictate the actions of others according to what they believe are the greatest good. Such an approach can appear heavy handed and domineering to others, causing conflict and resentment.

The sign of Leo is a fixed sign and the drive to exercise control can become too inflexible, in fact Saturn in any fixed sign can be uncompromisingly rigid and absolute. Here is an instance of absolute power governing absolutely, so we can probably expect another rise to the cold war scenario that we thought was previously finished which could build up until Saturn leaves Leo in September this year.

There area a couple of things to watch for this year. The first is Jupiter squaring Uranus, on January 22, and again in May 10, while it is retrograde and then finally in October 2007, when it turns direct again.

Think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion, if there is too much of something, Jupiter is bound to be involved. Saturn on the other hand is the planet of restrictions or too little. Life in general is a balance of both of these planets working together.

Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius this year. Jupiter is very strong in this sign and indicates freedom of speech, religion, and tolerance of others. Hopefully this will open a new door for all to try to understand others who have a different point of view. Although with Jupiter and it=s idea of too much there may be some zealots who come forward around this time spouting off their view is the only one.

Uranus is in the sign of Pisces which rules dreams, inspiration, drugs and alcohol as well as water and the feet. When there is a conflict angle between these two planets you can get the idea of too much or excesses in the area of freedom and innovation. Areas which were previously restricted may now be suddenly open causing conflict for some folks. In these cases you have the sudden and unexpected events causing the conflict.

Transit Saturn opposes Neptune again February 28, and again June 25, 2007. Again like last year, Neptune is in the spotlight, but in this case rather than having a conflict with too much, as was seen with Jupiter, this is all about restrictions and blockages. A balance needs to be found now between these two energies. Usually Saturn which represents those in authority will come in heavy handed trying to put a stop to all events that cause disruption here. Unfortunately by stopping all the issues this will cause some things to become scarce in return. What is needed is to find the balance between restrictions and structure to reduce what has occurred and allowing the flow of ideas (although they may be different, even eccentric). This balance is the difficult part. 

Transit Jupiter is trine Transit Saturn March 16, and May 6, 2007. This is a soft angle that could start the building of new foundations through the world. A time to rebuild and expand using the lessons from the past as guidance for future rules, regulations and guidelines. Where there was once desolation, there will now be the seed of new hope.

Transit Saturn is trine Transit Pluto August 6, 2007. This is an interesting transit where new rules and regulations will affect areas ruled by Pluto. Pluto rules income from resources in the ground especially oil and gas, as well as minerals and other areas that are mined like gold and Uranium. Since this is a soft transit, it will not be difficult receiving consensus from world leaders in accepting these regulations. 

Transit Saturn enters the sign of Virgo September 2, 2007. There is always a major change when an outer planet enters a new sign. Saturn will be in the sign of Virgo for the next 2 ½ years. The energy of Saturn here is about details and works in a highly meticulous manner. New rules in Governments may be about efficiency, details, punctuality and working overtime. Government bodies will be trying to clean up their acts now. This is a time for them to expertly assess reality on any level and they will be critically observant during this time. Those in authority now may have an above average capacity for a clear, unbiased understanding of everyday matters and they will demand factual data that is well presented before they act. The main emphasis for the next two years in on being right, so anyone who is trying a slight of hand now will not only be ignored, but will not even receive the time to give their pitch, so get your facts right the first time.

Transit Jupiter forms a sextile with Transit Neptune October 29, 2007. This brings an opportunity for expansion in the area of medications, drugs, alcohol, inspiration and areas that deal with water and fluids. Boating may become the rage now, as well as new discoveries in medications.

Transit Jupiter joins with Transit Pluto December 11, 2007. Expansion, expansion, expansion. That is what this is all about. This may manifest in a couple of ways. The first is that there are some new discoveries and expansions in the area of oil, natural gas and mining. The second is that money from big business and corporations increase in some manner. This may be through conglomerates or other joint investments.

Transit Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn December 18, 2007. With Jupiter the symbol of expansion in the sign of Capricorn, it is not very strong in this sign. Capricorn places a damper on the energy of Jupiter and those ideas of expansion will now be subject to rules and guidelines that will have to be met in order to move forward. Needless to say any type of expansion around this time will be quite slow and subject to many rules. It sort of places a blanket on the enthusiasm of Jupiter now.

Those are the main themes for 2007. I hope you all have a wonderful year. Enjoy! Bev.


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