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A forest scene of birtch and green pine trees covered in silver colored ice
2014 Yearly Overview

I selected this photo of ice covering the trees for this year, because this is a final year of being weighted down, where anything that doesn’t bend and change will end and break.

Transit Jupiter is opposing (difficult angle) Pluto January 31, 2014 and April 20, 2014 EST.  Think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion, if there is too much of something, Jupiter is bound to be involved. Pluto on the other hand is the planet of endings and major transformation. With this difficult angle between the two planets there should be some need to find a balance between these two planets.

Pluto rules money and income from other sources that you borrow, invest, inherit or from your partner as well as oil, organized crime and rebirth of ideas that transform an industry in some manner. This angle brings difficulty in working with these ideas to produce a major working draft in the global economy. It is an all or nothing type of scenario and to make this work a middle ground will have to be reached. As well those in the know, may be too optimistic in their views. Jupiter tends to over compensate forcing others to think that the problem is over, when in fact reality is not as rosy as it seems.

Transit Jupiter is squaring (conflict angle) Uranus February 26, 2014 and April 20, 2014 EST. There is a major restlessness in the air now. People may see change as the only method of getting out of their current situations. This is a time when folks will be more apt to move in the opposite direction from any pressure. Freedom in general will become very important and people will work very hard to get it now in some area of their lives. The key to working with this transit is to move slowly and carefully (though you will want to rush forward) before committing yourself.

Transit Saturn (Governments and rules) will be going retrograde (backwards) March 02, 2043 EST until July 20, 2014 EST. This will be a time that those in authority will review what they have in place and decide if more or less is required once Saturn goes direct in July.

Transit Jupiter goes direct March 06, 2014 EST. Jupiter brings good luck and opportunities our way. To use this energy in the most opportune manner it would be best to accept any opportunities that come your way around this date. In fact with Jupiter moving direct now you may have multiple opportunities to explore this year.

Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde (backwards) April 14, 2014 EST. Expect some setbacks in Government’s that need to make major reform. This will be a time of review and perhaps back peddling on their parts. Global markets may take a bit of a hit around this date.

Again as in 2012 and 2013, Uranus in Aries squares (conflict) Pluto in Capricorn April 21, 2014 and December 15, 2014 EST. To start the energy of Uranus in Aries is about wanting to seek freedom at any cost. This can cause complete severance with anything that you were familiar with in the past. This is about being blunt and outspoken, where folks will not be as considerate of others. Uranus in this sign will like to make independent fresh starts, especially if they shake up anything that is old and familiar (but boring).

This is about shaking up patterns that have been laid down over years and is about sweeping out the old and bringing in the new. Aries rules younger males, men in uniform, fire, anger, blood, war, the act of cutting and surgery. Pluto on the other hand brings endings and transforms what was to what will be. Pluto does this whether you want it or not, no holds barred……..change will occur. Pluto in Capricorn rules Government spending, how a country and corporation is financed, rules and regulations that govern these areas. There could very well be a global banking correction around this date.

The square combines these two energies through a conflict of sorts. No one wants to budge and they’re ready to fight for it. Change will come, but not quietly or easily. The changes that occur now may be a result of social and economic forces that are beyond your control. You may feel that you are being swept along by events you can do nothing about, but the events will have a vital role in your own individual development that you’ll be able to trace back to these dates.

An outer planet is being triggered now, with the global unrest, as it isn't just one area or country rather it’s systemic. On looking further I noticed that those born from 1988-1995 had Uranus (sudden events) in Capricorn (Governments and rules). As we speak this Natal planet (for that generation) is experiencing a square (conflict angle) with transit Uranus in Aries (military, fighting, fires etc.), at the same time it’s joining with transit Pluto in Capricorn (Governments).

Transit Jupiter is trine (great angle) Saturn May 24, 2014 EST.  Again as with the transit with Pluto at the beginning of the year think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion, if there is too much of something, Jupiter is bound to be involved. Saturn on the other hand is the planet of restrictions and the father figure in a chart. With this positive angle between the two planets there should be some benefits that come from this. Saturn rules Governments, rules and regulations, the father figure, those in authority over you. This angle brings an opportunity to work with many ideas to produce a major working draft for security and how Governments and CEO’s now must function to move forward in these changing times.

Neptune goes retrograde (backwards) June 09, 2014 EST. This energy is about having to revise your dreams and expectations. There is information out there that is being hidden or kept from the masses. Don’t be surprised if they don’t like it when their ideals don’t manifest and they see them slipping away.

Transit Jupiter enters the sign of Leo July 16, 2014 EST. Leo rules flamboyant gestures, children, creative efforts, fun and hobbies, romance or the act of falling in love. This could be a fantastic time when people dramatize their beliefs, acting on them, promoting them and living them. You may find that others are attracted to those on a soap box now, but some may interpret this as outright pride and be turned off. This is a time when people will travel more, taking trips that involve education, diplomatic issues and spirituality.

Transit Saturn goes direct July 20, 2014 EST.  This will be a time that Governments and those in authority will decide if more or less is required. Any rules or regulations they had constructed during the Saturn retrograde period may now be put into place. A smoother transition should occur.

Transit Uranus goes retrograde July 21, 2014 EST.  This will be a time for review and if the facts don’t stack up correctly the younger people will go back to their previous attacks. This may be a time of more opposition and a time when their movements will be reviewed.

Transit Pluto goes direct (forward) September 22, 2014 EST.  Now will be a great time for Governments to move forward with any plans that they had previously on reform. 

Transit Jupiter is trine (great angle) Uranus September 25, 2014EST.  This is a great time when people can receive unexpected news in regards to benefits or money windfalls. There will be some sudden opportunities that you can seize but you must act on them. You may also travel quite unexpectedly and enjoy unusual experiences that expand your perception and belief system.

Transit Neptune goes direct (forward) November 15, 2014 EST. This will be a time to move forward with all those great ideas and see your dreams realized. It will look like all that hard work was worth it. A new spirituality could start around this date.

Transit Jupiter goes retrograde (backward) December 08, 2014 EST. What happens when expansion goes backward? The energy here is about having to review old issues that you may have thought were finished. People with bring up previous grievances and ideas for review. This in itself will cause another overload. Try to become progressive by ending the matters once and for all.

Transit Uranus goes direct (forward) December 21, 2014 EST. This is a time when there will be a major shakeup. Issues that deal with Uranus will move forward again, but may have a jump start so to speak. Watch the electrical grid now as it may experience a surge so to speak.

Transit Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius December 23, 2014 EST. You may decide to take long journeys to open your mind and learn about others. This could be a difficult time for those in Governments or Authority figures who don’t loosen up but rather stick to their previous rigid approach. This is a time for us all to structure our life by incorporating our ideals into more practical daily life. It may be tempting to assume that we know it all now, and may instead become narrow minded unless you are open to new discoveries about yourself and the world around you.

There may be some legal issues with those in Authority or Government. During the last Canadian election I did a piece for the Globe and Mail on the outcome, saying that the election chart was similar to the election chart at Confederation (It was a majority Conservative Government at that time) . I said that the government would be different for what we have had up till then….(We had multiple minority Governments till then so I thought we’d have a change in leadership, instead we had a Majority Government as we had during Confederation ). I also said the NDP would win as the opposition since the NDP leader would change residences and that the Liberal leader would become a speaker of sorts (he stepped down to teach at a University). I also mentioned that whoever won the election would not finish their term (Currently the PMO is under investigation for legal issues by the RCMP).   Around this date you may find that the current Canadian Government has major legal problems and has to step down.

Well that seems to be it for the main themes in 2014. I want to wish you all a wonderful year ahead. Enjoy! Bev.


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