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   Solar Return/Progressed Chart Sample


The Solar Return chart is helpful in pinpointing the timing of major events which are in evidence in the progressed charts for that Solar year (birth date to birth date). Each year when the Sun returns to the exact degree it held in the nativity, a critical point in the life cycle is set in progress. Because of this, the configuration formed by the transiting planets (where the planets are positioned at the precise moment in time) at this time are more significant than ordinary transits. A chart calculated for this precise moment will be predictive of the year to come.

I have enclosed a copy of your Solar Return/Natal chart and Natal/Progressed/ Transit combined chart. This consists of the Solar Return planets in the inner wheel, and your Natal planets (those you were born with) in the outer wheel. Think of it like a snapshot of where the planets where positioned at a moment in time. Each moment tells a different story.

Your Solar Return Ascendant is in the Fixed sign of Scorpio at 17 degrees  Scorpio 43'. Scorpio as a fixed sign, and as ruler of the chart indicates that stability will be brought about. This will also be a time where you bring about concrete conditions that will stabilize your life. Scorpio here means that you are concerned with finances, in the way of loans, taxes, insurance, and joint property. You may find that you have a need for important changes in these areas for some reason.

The majority of planets, both Natal and Solar Return are in the Cadent houses, with 6 planets and points in Angular houses, 6 planets and points in Succedent houses and 14 planets and points in Cadent houses. These houses are represented by the 3rd/ 6th/ 9th/ and 12th houses. At best the majority of planets here favors writing, teaching, and traveling ventures. It can also indicate many experiences of inspiration, and even moments of joyful outpouring of compassion for others. It can also be a time of spiritual awareness. At its worst you may have a great desire for change, but no real change is expected. So in turn it is a restless period in which your direction in life is not clear. It may also correlate to illness, due to stress so be sure to watch your diet very carefully and stay with an exercise program.

You may also find with the majority of planets in Cadent houses, that you experience most of these changes near the end of the return period.

The first Natal planet to rise in the Return chart is your Natal Jupiter at 08 degrees Leo 41'. Jupiter is in the first quarter of the Return chart indicating that events associated with it will occur closer to the first quarter of the year.

Jupiter implies protection, and is quite lucky. You will find that there are things to be thankful for. Good fortune and gifts will come to you around this time. Material increases are associated with Jupiter and because of it’s expansive nature, the good fortune may be spread over this time period, with benefits coming steadily.

The Natal house that is brought to the Solar Return Ascendent is important for predicting what area of life predominates in the coming time period. The activities ruled by this house are given an outlet and will acquire your attention for the return period.

Your Natal 4th house and 5th house is rising. Your Natal 4th house rules home/ parents/ heritage. This Natal house rising, means that you may find that this will be a time of reappraisal of your basic securities. Your subjective self and foundations found within your home and family will be the focus this year. You may find that you prefer solitude while you undergo some form of self-analysis. During this time there will be an extra emphasis on your home and or family members, including one of your parents.

Part of the second house that is rising in the Return is the 5th house and this is another area that will predominate this year. This means that all areas that are ruled by the 5th house, like romance, children, hobbies, gambling, fun and creativity, will be brought forward with an emphasis this year. You may also wish to put some creative effort out there for all to see.

The house position of the Sun in the Solar Return shows where you will have the most vitality for the year. Your Return Sun is in the 4th house of home/ parents/ heritage.

Great personal growth can be experienced this year in these areas. You may come into contact with your true self, that is your most inner nature and basic needs. This year may provide a very personal and deep understanding of your very essence. In family matters and all types of domestic concerns, you may be the one who has the expertise that others look up to. You will be confident and tend to exhibit fine qualities of leadership here. Your role in the family may be central this year, and you may shine here. You may become the "hero" and receive a great deal of attention from those who are closest to you. You may find that you identify closely with your role now of the "benevolent parent" or you may bring some great honor to your family.

You may also this year find that you have great fears involving your lovers or any children that you are close to. There may be fears about taking specific risks. You may find that you are more comfortable not taking risks this year, except in real-estate matters, which could turn out very successful.

Your Sun in the Return chart is conjunct (joining) return Mercury. Mercury rules the 8th house of joint resources/sex/death of issues. It also rules your 11th house of the general public and friends in large groups. Mercury is also the natural ruler of communication and written transactions. This shows that you will be very busy this year probably in one or many of these areas.

Your Sun is also squaring(conflict angle) return Saturn. Saturn rules your 3rd house of communication, short distance travel, written contracts and neighborhood. Saturn also naturally rules restrictions and those that carry authority. Saturn is in your 8th house of joint resources/sex/death of issues. This shows a conflict that could occur this year between the 8th house issues and your home life. You may find that you have difficulty acquiring a mortgage or loan from a bank or that taxes or other 8th house issues become very stressful this year.

Your Sun is also squaring(conflict angle) return Pluto. Pluto in the return is the ruler of the chart. It naturally rules the 8th house of joint resources/sex/death of issues. It is in your second house of income. This is income that you make personally yourself, this shows there might be some difficulty between the income that you make and your ability to gain new resources from other sources mortgages, loans, insurance etc.

The sign of the Solar Return Moon indicates your current sensitivities. It points to personal concerns and indicates the response we invoke in others. Your Solar Return Moon is in the sign of Leo at 10 degrees Leo 24'.

Leo is a nice placement for the Moon. This may correspond to a time when someone becomes a central figure in your life now. You will find that much meaning and satisfaction enters your life through this association and you may tend to revolve around this person. On the other hand the other person may take on these qualities and you may become the central force to this person for some reason. There will be a certain amount of ease in expressing your emotions this year. Your domestic affairs or some form of creativity may center around children. There may also be an emphasis on the "provider" of the home.

The house position of the Return Moon can add to the corresponding sign characteristics. The house position indicates an area of life that is prone to fluctuations, and this area may be subject to change.

Your Moon for this year is in the 9th house of higher education, foreign interests, long distance travel, and legal issues.

With the Moon in the 9th house, it may indicate a move or travel. Trips or planning for these and visits from relatives are likely now. New associations formed with others at a long distance may be of special significance to you now. Activities of a legal nature may need tending to also. Ceremonies such as weddings, or any ceremony which legalizes an event, may now involve a close family member. Educational activities, religion, and involvement with any of the folk associated with this area may be indicated with this Moon position.

Your Moon is opposing Venus in the return chart. Your Moon rules the 9th house of foreign interests/higher education/legal interests/long distance travel. Venus is the ruler of your 7th house of partnerships, this could be personal or business partnerships. It also rules your 12th house of subconscious issues and hidden things which you are unaware of. This again could mean that you may be facing some difficulty between your partner and either some legal issues or traveling at a distance.

Venus is conjunct(joining) Neptune in the 3rd house of neighborhood/ communication/short distance travel. Neptune rules your 5th house of creativity/romance/children. Neptune rules naturally illusion/vision as well as seeing things through rose colored glasses. In this case you may find that you are not aware of all the facts from your partner. Or your partner may be unaware of all the facts. Since both of these planets are in the area of communication, it would be best to be sure of all facts before trying to move ahead with any new plans this year. There is something hidden here that you are unaware of, and it would be best to get all the facts before moving forward.

Your Moon is also conjunct Jupiter in the Return chart. The Moon as said previously rules the emotions and in this case your may find that your emotions are expanded in some manner. You may become over emotional over areas ruled by the 9th house such as long distance travel, legal issues, foreign interests and higher or specialized education. You may have to deal emotionally with your ideals in creative efforts, or in dealing with possible issues of communication from children or from those in your neighborhood, since both of these planets are opposing your Return Neptune and Venus in the 3rd house of communication.

Another possibility is that you want to travel and move, but the cost (Jupiter) may be too much now. Jupiter rules your 2nd house of income in the return chart so you may have to find a balance now between costs and what you really want. The reality may be more than the dream (Neptune).

During the year, when a planet that is retrograde in the Solar return goes direct, (moving forward again) and passes over the degree it held in the Solar Return chart, there is a release of energy associated with the planet. Significant events can take place. You have one planet in the Return chart.

The planet that is retrograde in the return is Jupiter at 08 degrees Leo 41'. Jupiter’s return to the degree it holds in the Solar Return Chart can be anticipated by the benefits it brings. It can coincide with social occasions and may bring gifts or money in the form of good fortune. Traveling for pleasure is another likely possibility when Jupiter returns to this degree. The date that this occurs is April 24th, 2003 GMT.

A conjunction of a house cusp in the return will highlight that area for the year.

You have your Natal Mercury conjunct the 4th house cusp of the Return chart. The 4th house as said previously rules your home/ parents/ and heritage. You may find that correspondence, writings, trading, business deals and transactions, signing of papers and intellectual interests may be emphasized this year. This may an area where you will be negotiating deals and there is the potential for commerce in buying and selling. New ideas may be expressed or learned here and as well you may be the one of service to others in this area of life. You may be called forward to deal with younger folks, and a lot of your mental energy will be spent on these communication skills this year. There will be ample time for learning in this area.

Mercury is also forming a square (conflict) angle with Saturn in the Return chart. There may be some problem with restrictions with the contracts that you have to sign for any joint resources such as mortgages and loans and insurances. Saturn rules your 3rd house of communication and written contracts, and is in your 8th house of joint resources. Mercury is the ruler of your 8th house of joint resources in the Return chart and is in your 4th house of home. This indicates some conflict between your home and those in authority in the area of resources.

Mercury is also forming a square aspect with Pluto in the Return chart. Pluto is the ruler of the chart and is the natural ruler of the 8th house. This shows again some frustration in your communication with those in the area of finances/ sex/ or death of issues.

Venus is forming a sextile with Pluto in the return chart. This shows some co-operation between you and those you are in a partnership with. This could be business or personal partnerships. These partnerships could help you gain the financial support that you require this year.

You have your Return Pluto conjunct the 2nd house cusp of the Return chart. The 2nd house rules income that you make as well as your self esteem. This is an area where you could experience potential greatness, or could influence others with considerable power. This is also an area where things may be terminated, eliminated or removed.

Pluto is opposing Saturn in the return chart. This indicates some type of balance that is required between structure, rules and power. Saturn rules again your 3rd house of communication and Pluto is the ruler of the chart. This indicates some form of restriction or block that may occur this year again in the area of joint and personal finances. Finding the correct balance is the key to using this aspect of the chart.

You have your Return Uranus conjunct the 4th house cusp of the Return chart. The 4th house again rules your home/ parents and heritage. Because Uranus is conjunct this cusp, you may find that this area is subject to sudden changes, and matters might be rather erratic, unpredictable during the year. You may encounter separations from existing relationships or attractions to new ones. This will be an area where you ingenuity will be applied, or an awakening transpires, frequently attracting others to you because you have such original ideas now. 

Its also possible that new developments in technology or computers and software programs can play an important role for you in this area during the year. This signifies and an area of life where you might become extraordinary or at least, non conforming and conventional. Here you can expect the unexpected to occur. The areas that you take for granted here are secure and that you can usually count on, won’t be secure this year. The areas that you never expected to work out in this area because they never worked for you before, may very well work for you this year. Its like a flip flop, what you expected won’t occur and what you always thought wouldn’t occur could very well happen. It could be very exciting or disturbing it all depends on how you end up reacting to the situations that you have to face. This may also be a case where you both have a poor sense of timing this year where you are a little bit ahead this year or a little bit behind of the situation that is occurring so you timing might be of so you might want to take a little more time to evaluate what’s going on first before going ahead.

Progressed Chart for 2003-2004

Looking at your Progressed Chart for that date, some of the similar transits can be seen. Usually a one degree orb is used between the Progressed planets and the Natal Planets, except the Sun and Moon which can have a 1.5 degree orb. These progressions generally last for the duration of the year or longer as they move very slowly if they are for the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Your Progressed Mars is opposing your Natal Mercury. Your mind may be stimulated here and you may have an aggressiveness in learning and communicating your ideas to others. Your whole mental process seems to speed up, you learn quickly and grasp things easily, but also get bored easily.

Your Progressed Uranus is squaring your Natal Sun. This is a tightening up of the aspect you are normally born with. Your creative urges often frustrate you because they tend to come on suddenly and end suddenly. This is about developing perseverance and discipline so you can structure these urges and work with them on a regular basis, otherwise you tend to be frustrated.

Your Progressed MC is conjunct your Natal Uranus. The MC rules authority figures in your life as well has your career. You may find that you suddenly come in contact with people in organizations or groups that could help your career or help you get ahead now. You may also find if you are unable to move ahead in your career at this time that these contacts could also help you in the future.

Your Progressed Ascendant is squaring your Natal Uranus. The Ascendant rules the actions that you take. You may find that there is some sort of conflict now in your actions and in how others in groups or organizations view these actions. These confrontations may come on quite suddenly and out of the blue.

Your Progressed Moon is squaring Natal Saturn on April 30th , 2003. There will be a lot of blockage, obstacles and delays now. Your patience will be tested. You may feel let down, have difficulty with you boss, or feel dragged down by loads of responsibility. You may find under this aspect that your emotions have run dry. The one good thing is, is that this aspect moves by fairly rapidly.

Your Progressed Moon is squaring Natal Mars on July 15th , 2003. There could be an overreaction, an accident, a need for surgery, or a misuse of social energy. You may find you run into difficult people, loose your temper, or you could even attract violence and irritability from others.

Your Progressed Moon is sextile Natal Sun on November 21st , 2003. Any aspect that the progress makes to your Natal Sun is part of your cyclical development. This is a progress new Moon and is a wonderful time for new beginnings. You may find that your life takes a positive turn now. There may be a new alliance, a new relationship, a new business, or even a new romance. You could get a promotion and you should make more money.

Your Progressed Moon is squaring Natal Mercury on January 29th , 2004. You may find there are misunderstandings or difficulty communicating now. You may not understand things clearly and there could be some negative gossip. You could find you have car trouble now and if you do any type of writing creative or otherwise you may struggle or find that you have a writers block now. With any of these aspects there will be an outlet for mental an intellectual expression.

Transit Pluto is forming a trine(great angle) with your Natal Mars in the 1st house. This shows some form of transformation that could occur this year in the area of career and creativity. It could be a brand new business that you decide to start. Either way you will have the initiative to be able to make it work

Transit Neptune is in your 7th house of partnerships and is opposing your Natal Pluto which co-rules your 4th house of home/parents/heritage. Neptune tends to dissolve issues and in this case the issues could be about your home and where you are to live. There could be something about your home that you are unaware of. You may also experience water damage around the home this year. If you do need to get work done around the home, make sure that the person that is doing it is certified and competent. You may find that the people you are dealing with this year on a one on one basis seem to have something to hide; they are not telling you the whole truth. Communication and checking their references will help you with this aspect.

Neptune is also forming a trine(great angle) with your Natal Neptune which rules your 9th house. The 9th house also rules religion and you could meet with somebody that you deal with on a one on one basis who communicates some great new ideas to you and these might be on philosophical or religious ideas. They might also be ideas from foreign cultures either way you will be open to the ideas and gain some great insights from them.

Transit Uranus is in the sign of Pisces and has just entered your 8th house of joint resources/sex/death of issues. This may shake up this area of your life quite suddenly as it moves back and forth from Pisces to Aquarius this year; this forms a conjunction with the 8th house cusp but does not make any major aspects with any Natal planets this year.

Transit Saturn is in the 11th house of large groups/friends/organizations and is conjunct your Natal Uranus which rules your 7th house of partnerships. You may find that your partners want to restrict the amount of time you spend with these groups or friends in these groups. Saturn opposes your Natal Jupiter on may 13th 2003.

 Jupiter rules your 5th house of creative efforts, romance, fun and you may find there are some restrictions in these areas around this time. Saturn also forms a square with your Sun on April 11th 2003 and you could feel a restriction in your resources at this time. These are you personal resources, money you make yourself on a day to day basis. Try not to over extend yourself at this time because any funds you are expecting probably won’t come in on time.

 Saturn enters the sign of Cancer on the 4th of June 2003 GMT. Near the end of July Saturn forms a Sextile with your Natal Venus. This brings an opportunity to you for some positive dealings that may affect your home and career. This is an opportunity only and you have to decide to take it. In the middle of August 2003 Saturn is forming a Sextile with your Natal Moon. You may find that you gain some opportunity now from the women around you or possibly from your mother. This could also represent your positive emotions for dealing successfully with subconscious issues.

Transit Jupiter starts off the Return period in the sign of Leo and conjunct your Ascendant in the 1st house of self. One thing to watch out for here is that Jupiter rules expansion, and in this case it may be the expansion of the physical self. Eating a regular healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis may help to slow some of this down now.

Jupiter is forming a square aspect with your Natal Moon in Taurus. You may find that your emotions are blown out of proportion around this time. This may occur around May 03, 2003. You may also find that you are out of sorts with the women around you or your mother may cause the problems or insecurities now.

Jupiter then moves on to form a conjunction with your Stellium of planets in the 1st house. These consist of Pluto, Saturn and Mars, and rule your home and work area. You may find that you have to give up something to gain something else now in these areas. This may be a move to a new home, new job, or new co-workers. This may occur from the end of May 2003-July 2003.

Jupiter forms a sextile with your Natal Neptune which rules long distance travel as well as legal issues and foreign interests. You could very well decide to change locations around this time to a far away place, or at least travel to visit this area. This may occur around the end of May 2003. You may also receive some great news from these places, or if you have some legal issues pending you could very well win now.

Transit Jupiter will be forming a trine (great angle) with your Natal Jupiter around mid August 2003. This will be a great time for dealing with children, creativity, fun and hobbies. These will be areas that you instigate now and get the green light on. Enjoy!

Transit Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo August 27th, 2002 GMT. Near the end of September 2003 it forms a trine (great angle) with your Natal Venus in the 10th house, and then goes on to form the same angle with your Natal Moon. You could receive some great news about a new career venture, as well as find that you receive some benefit on the home front, all ruled by Venus. You may decide to move or buy a new home now.

Jupiter does not really make any other major aspects in your chart for the rest of the year as it goes retrograde in 2004.

Eclipses for the year that affect your Natal chart are:

Lunar Eclipse May 15th, 2003 at 25 degrees Scorpio forms a square aspect with your Natal Mercury in Aquarius in the 7th house of partnerships. Mercury is very close to the cusp of the 8th house of joint resources/sex and death of issues, so you may feel this eclipse from both houses. There may be some emotional confrontation now with your partner in the area of resources and how to best use them.

Solar Eclipse May 30th, 2003 at 09 degrees Gemini is forming a sextile with your Natal Pluto in the 1st house of self. This may allow you more control over resources that you own. It may also bring the opportunity for you to make some changes on the home front or with parents since Pluto co-rules your 4th house of home. This eclipse is also forming a trine (great angle) with your Natal Neptune. Again some opportunity may come up for you to move or travel a distance from your current location. You may also receive a great letter or communication now from someone far away. It should bring some great news.

Lunar Eclipse November 08th, 2003 at 16 degrees Taurus, forms a square aspect to your stellium in the 1st house. Remember that a Lunar eclipse is all about emotions and the response to emotional stimulus. In this case there may be some emotional issues that concern your career and home/parents that cause some conflict now. Since this eclipse is also conjunct your North Node this is more a karmic event for you now. How your handle the issues now will give you some insight into how to move forward at a later date. Dealing well with these issues will allow you more leeway later on. Patience helps now.

The final Solar Eclipse at 01 degree Sagittarius, is not close enough in orb to aspect any major planets in your Natal chart. You may find that this eclipse affect others more than it affect you now.

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