NewWelcome to our new students for Basic Astrology Level I, Predictive Transit Level II and the Solar Return Series online classes.

Congratulations to our graduating students from the Basic Astrology Level I course, Medical Astrology and Predictive Transit Level II course. Your certificates have been sent in the mail.

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Gift Certificates can be purchased for all charts. There are two types of certificate one for the Solar Return/ Progressed or Horary or Elective charts and one for all the other charts. Please select the box for the type of certificate required. If you wish to order a gift certificate by phone call
(613) 483-3376.

Certificates will be sent by email to you to be filled in for the type of chart requested as well as the date requested. Certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
All prices are in CAN dollars, prices may vary slightly depending on the dollar fluctuation.

Payment can be made in Canada by email transfer or by certified cheque, international money order and made payable to Beverley Rostant. Canadian or appropriate Amercian funds

Check payment can be made to:
Beverley Rostant

123 Champagne Cresc.
Amherstview, Ontario,
Canada, K7N 0B5

Or payment can also be made by Western Union, email me for my particulars.
For a location closest to you go to:

Solar Return/Progressed or Horary or Elective $65.99 CAN($65.99 US)

Medical, or Natal, or Rectification, or Synastry $87.99 CAN($ 87.99 US)

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